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Ellen WILS


Ellen graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent in 2018, where she studied with Mireille Capelle and Christianne Stotijn. Musically, she has an affinity with different styles such as early music, Lieder, Art Songs, cabaret and more contemporary music. The expressive appeal of this music is what engages her, and what also drives her to write her own songs occasionally. Ellen has a talent for linking several genres and disciplines. She therefore takes a special interest in musical theatre and interdisciplinary performance, both as a performer and a creator. She enjoys exploring the many possibilities of the vocal instrument. Ellen has a unique voice which aligns beautifully with all these endeavours.

In 2016, she sung and acted in the solo performance Ahimè created with Tom Goossens, now the founder of musical theatre company DESCHONECOMPAGNIE. Ahimè was then selected by the festival Theater Aan Zee for Young Work. She has worked with HERMESensemble and has sung solos in Nils Lindberg’s Requiem and Monteverdi’s Vespro della Beata Vergine. In 2018, she co-created and directed the musical theatre piece AVANTI! for the Vooruit with Sander De Winne, which was also performed at Theater Aan Zee summer 2019. She has toured with theatre company Ontroerend Goed in Loopstation, singing music composed by Joris Blanckaert.

In 2020, she had a part in Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe’s widely applauded A Revue at The Flemish Opera, a futuristic piece based on opera and cabaret.

In March 2021 she was chosen as one of the twenty promising young musicians, presented in a series of interviews on Klara. The week was completed by a full length concert where Ellen selected her own repertoire. She was accompanied by the pianist Maya Dhondt.

Occasionally you find her setting the scenes for musical concerts such as Santa Editta and Heliopolis for Le Vecchie Musiche.


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